Rema Filtration is led by Dr. Richard Mellor who has many years’ experience in providing active filtration solutions across a wide range of applications and environments. The majority of Rema Filtration’s products are based on cellulose, and the company is strongly committed to helping its clients realise their vision for a sustainable future through the provision of clean filtration solutions using materials from renewable sources.

Rema Filtration is the latest addition to British Rema Group, which is a privately owned and ISO 9001 accredited group of companies providing specialist powder processing services and processing equipment to global suppliers in highly-regulated and exacting industrial sectors, including chemicals, aerospace, nuclear and pharmaceutical.

As an established group of companies, we are accustomed to undergoing detailed supplier audits and can provide full product traceability. We also operate a strict health and safety management system, carrying out COSHH analysis and chemical task risk assessments for all materials that we handle and create safe systems of work for all processes and tasks.

The customer base of British Rema Group is international, with specialist products coming in from North America, Asia and continental Europe. We are accustomed to shipping material and equipment to a similarly diverse range of destinations and understand, and can advise on, the regulatory issues involved.

John Cameron, Managing Director of Rema Filtration, comments, “We are enthusiastic about this new venture providing high flow filter media from sustainable sources. We believe that by combining Dr. Mellor’s knowledge of surface science, catalysis, adsorption and blended powder systems with the engineering and processing expertise of British Rema we can deliver real benefits to companies within the filtration and separation sectors.”

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