About Us

Rema Filtration designs, manufactures and supplies filter media that incorporate the latest technology to provide outstanding filtration and adsorption properties even in the most difficult or demanding environments.

The key to this is our unique powder blending encapsulation system that incorporates speciality components, such as active carbon, into a three-dimensional matrix to ensure that both particulate and liquid or gaseous contaminants are removed in a single process. The result is a product solution that provides superior process efficiency without imposing excessive geometric constraints.

In addition to our standard filter media product range, Rema Filtration also has the ability to offer bespoke solutions based on customers’ specific applications.

Rema Filtration has many years’ experience in providing active filtration solutions across a wide range of complex environments and applications. By combining an in-depth knowledge of surface science, catalysis, adsorption and the chemistry of the various separation processes, we are able to deliver the most effective filtration solution.

Responsive, adaptable and technically led, Rema Filtration designs filter media that can incorporate a multiplicity of active components into an almost limitless number of substrates. Whether you require large scale commodity runs or small scale bespoke production runs we are able to blend powders or components to provide the most effective filtration solution for your application. Many of our products are based on recyclable cellulose and Rema Filtration is committed to providing biodegradable or sustainable filtration solutions wherever practical.

In addition, the products supplied are always available with the relevant certification, giving you the peace of mind that the products you are using are not only technically correct, but are also reliable and continue to perform effectively from batch to batch.

Rema Filtration is led by Dr. Richard Mellor and is part of British Rema Group, which is a privately owned and ISO 9001 accredited group of companies providing specialist powder processing services to a diverse range of industrial sectors.  Further details can be found at www.britishrema.com