Industrial Liquid Filtration

Rema Filtration designs filter composites containing activated carbon or other active powders for use in many environments, including, electroplating, filtration of potable water, beverages, grey water, anodizing solutions, wastewater treatment, printing and corrosive liquids.

Our cellulose filter media can be used in plate and frame presses and wound cartridges in addition to other proprietary formats. We are also able to test our materials for certain classifications of FDA regulations. For example, we can provide material that meets the conditions of 21CFR 177.2260, ‘filters, resin bonded’, for the filtration of various potable liquids.

Our industrial liquid filtration systems have excellent flow rates for the associated pore size and have a tightly controlled structure, ensuring contact with the active component of the filter and providing excellent particulate retention.

Whatever your application, we can provide the optimal solution, please contact us.

Electroplating White Paper

To access a white paper on the benefits of using of activated carbon in electroplating please complete the following details: