Air Filtration Products

Both industrial and domestic processes have the potential to contaminate the air (or other gas phase) with particles, odours, vapours and toxins and these contaminants need to be removed to protect both ourselves and the machines we rely on.

Rema Filtration offers a range of filter materials than can be used in multiple applications, with added impregnants, such as activated carbon in our charcoal air filters, to aid in the removal of these harmful substances.

Because our materials comprise a fibrous and an active component both particulates and gaseous contaminants can be removed in a single process, thereby being more cost-effective and efficient whilst requiring minimal space.

By using an air laid cellulose substrate impregnated with very finely divided active components, our filters exhibit excellent reaction kinetics with intimate contact, without the expected subsequent reduction in material pore size or flow rate.

To discuss your specific requirements for air filtration, please contact us.