Liquid Filtration Products

Liquid filtration involves the removal of particulate contaminants, other liquids or reactive species.  Rema Filtration can provide filter media for both aqueous and non-aqueous environments for use in food and industrial applications.

By incorporating high grade activated carbon into a cellulose matrix bound with a polymer, the resultant active carbon filter media is tolerant to extremes of pH and salinity. This provides an active filter material that is clean and easy to handle, whilst retaining both a high degree of mechanical stability and a low pressure drop. Such cellulose filter media is manufactured using FDA approved components, or with components that fall within the GRAS system.

The filters we offer are available incorporated with activated carbon, or available as a cellulose-only pre filter. Other impregnants are available on request to help you get the most from your filtration process, such as the removal of free radicals that can develop odours upon storage.

If you have your own powder combination that you require impregnating into a suitable substrate we would be happy to help.

To discuss your specific requirements for liquid filtration, please contact us.